GBL type scraper dreg machine

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GBL type scraper slag dredging machine is suitable for all kinds of coal-fired boilers (industrial boilers, power plant boilers, etc.) wet slag removal. It can not only slag, and can also economizer fine ash, air preheating fine ash, coal mill discharged waste, flue ash and grate below the fine ash, together with slag a piece of transport. It can be single furnace slag removal, also can be multi furnace combined slag removal, and can remove large slag.

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Main Features

(1) The driving device can be equipped with overload protection device. When the slag dredge machine is overloaded, the power supply can be automatically and quickly cut off, so that the motor stops running.
(2) The conveyor chain adopts high-strength alloy steel ring chain, after special treatment, the average life can reach more than four years.
(3) The main shaft of the head adopts the whole disassembly structure, which is easy to install and maintain.
(4) The tail tilt Angle of 45° improves the stress condition of the chain and makes the stress condition of the chain more reasonable.
(5) The chain pressing device adopts the structure that leads the bearing to the surface of the water outside the shell, which solves the problem of water leakage and floating chain of the contour parts such as the original water seal.
(6) the upper and lower layers of the shell are covered with cast stone slabs, and the side plate of the water seal groove is welded with wear-resistant points to prevent the scraper chain from wearing the side plate of the shell, which greatly extends the service life of the shell.

Working principle

This machine is a scraper ring chain type slag dredging machine which continuously removes boiler ash and slag. Its shell is a double rectangular section, the upper part is a water seal groove, the lower part is a back chain groove, which is placed under the boiler slag discharge. The ash discharged from the boiler directly falls into the water seal groove and then falls to the bottom of the water seal groove after water quenching. Along with the scraper chain along the bottom of the trough horizontal and upward sloping movement, after effective dehydration, discharged from the slag removal port to the crusher, after crushing, hydraulic transport or direct loading outside.

GBL type scraper slag dredging machine technical energy parameter table

model The groove width mm Chain speed m/min Maximum amount of slag removal T /h Water consumption t/h The overflow temperature
GBL-40 424 0.3-3 2 0.5 ≤60°
GBL-50 524 0.3-3 4 1 ≤60°
GBL-63 624 0.3-3 6 1.5 ≤60°
GBL-80 832 0.3-3 10 3 ≤60°
GBL-100 1032 0.3-3 14 14 ≤60°
GBL-125 1282 0.3-3 18 18 ≤60°
GBL-140 1430 0.3-3 22 22 ≤60°
GBL-160 1630 0.3-3 30 30 ≤60°

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