PCKW series reversible non – blocking fine crusher

Short Description:

Fine crushing crusher is widely used for crushing medium hardness brittle materials, such as coke, coal, loose limestone, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, etc., widely used in thermoelectric, mining, chemical, construction and other industries of material crushing system. The compressive strength of the crushed material of PCKW series shall not be more than 150 mpa, and the surface moisture shall not be more than 10%.

Fine crusher is a kind of with rotor ring hammer impact crusher, hammer head can not only with the rotor orbit, can still around the hammer pin rotation, material into the crushing chamber, the first by rotor high-speed rotating ring hammer impact and breakage, be broken material obtained from ring hammer kinetic energy at the same time, high speed into the broken plate was broken for the second time. After repeated for many times, the material is crushed by the extrusion and grinding of ring hammer for many times, through the arc section of the broken plate, the adjusted gap falls into the discharging port. The discharging size of this machine is completed by adjusting the clearance between the left and right crushing plate and the rotor. The adjusting mechanism is completed by adjusting the front and rear plate of the sliding block and fastening bolts at the upper and lower sliding blocks of the left and right housing respectively. This series crusher is specially designed to solve the problem that the fine material is easy to be blocked in the process of crushing, and can be used in reverse. The crushing plates equipped with the left and right chassis can be used separately in shifts.

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Performance characteristics

(1) no grate to overcome the problem of material humidity blockage.
(2) The rotor can be positive and reverse, improve the utilization rate of the hammer head, reduce the frequency of replacing the hammer head, improve the work efficiency, increase the output of the system.
(3) the use of heavy hammer head, increase the strike force, the production capacity is the same as the specifications of hammer broken 2 times.
(4) The clearance of discharge port can be adjusted to ensure the uniformity of discharging particle size, so that the material less than 8mm reaches more than 95%.
(5) the cavity plate can be opened to replace the lining plate easily. The mainframe uses hydraulic cylinders.
(6) The machine is reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.The machine makes full use of the impact crusher hitting force,Characteristics of high crushing efficiency,Can be widely used in steel mills, power plants, cement plants and other large and medium-sized enterprises on the material crushing operation.

Structure diagram of PCKW series reversible non-blocking fine crusher


Basic parameters

model PCKW0806 PCKW0809 PCKW1012 PCKW1214 PCKW1414 PCKW1416 PCKW1618
Rotor working diameter X length (mm) 800X600 800 X 900 1000X1200 1200X1400 1400X1400 1400X1600 1600X1800
The rotor speed 966 970 980 981 740 750 675
Inlet size (mm) 300X600 300X800 300X1200 400X1450 600X1450 400X1650 550X1800
Maximum feed size (mm) 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Discharge particle size (mm) 3~8 3~8 3~8 3~8 3~8 3~8 3~8
Processing capacity (t/h) 10~40 20~60 40~100 60~160 80~180 120~300 240~320
Motor power (Kw) 45~55 45~75 90~132 160~185 185~220 185~220 220~280

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