GBC-B series scraper slag removal machine

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Gbc-b series scraper slag removal machine is used for various boilers to remove ash and slag special equipment.It is characterized by the use of 25MnV mine high strength welding chain as the transmission chain,High strength, long service life, reliable operation. The shell of the machine is composed of a whole by the transition of the horizontal section and the inclined section through an arc.The transmission body is arranged in the shell, so it has the advantages of no ash accumulation at the tail, small ash pit foundation and easy installation and maintenance.And the use of water sealing shell connection section, ensure the normal combustion of the boiler, while protecting the chain and scraper, effectively reduce the degree of environmental pollution.

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2PGC double tooth roller crusher structure diagram


Technical parameters of GBC-B slag remover

Type no. GBC-400B GBC-500B GBC-600B GBC-800B
Conveying capacity T /h 3 4 5 7
The biggest Angle 300 300 300 300
Chain speed M/s 0.045 0.045 0.045 0.045
Conveying length L 80M 80M 80M 80M
Lifting height H 8M 8M 8M 8M
Motor power KW 1.5-5.5 1.5-5.5 1.5-5.5 1.5-5.5

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