GGS type scraper coal conveyer

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GGS type scraper coal loading machine is a conveying equipment which is driven by flexible members to pull the scraper and push the continuous displacement of materials. It has the characteristics of strong adaptability to coal, small occupation space, reliable operation and long service life. And equipped with a multi point coal outlet, suitable for medium and small industrial boiler more continuous coal.

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Main technical parameters of GGS type scraper coal loading machine

model parameter GGS-10 GGS-15 GGS-20 GGS-25 GGS-30
Coal handling capacity (t/h) 10 15 20 25 30
Material size (mm) <250
Chain speed (m/s) 0.11 0.15 0.17
scraper 370×75/100 470×75/100 570×75/100 770×75/100
B * h (mm) 0~30°
Angle alpha (°) 15
Lifting height H(m) 80
Conveying length L(m) 1.5~4.0 2.2~5.5 2.2~7.5
Motor power (KW) Industrial boilers are loaded with coal

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