ZK series linear vibrating screen

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1. Use and characteristics
ZK series linear vibrating screen is a reference to the former West Germany KND company USL screen machine structure and absorb the United States, Japan screen machine advanced technology design. This SERIES of products has a total of 24 specifications, widely used in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, hydropower and other departments. For medium and fine grained materials, dry and wet screening or dehydration, desliming and other operations. Can also be used in the old factory to replace the same specifications of the old biaxial screen. Sieve machine advanced technical parameters, high vibration strength, strong processing capacity, high screening efficiency. This series of screen machine adopts double motor self-synchronization directly through the coupling to drive two groups of amplitude adjustable block eccentric block vibrator, simple structure, convenient maintenance, stable operation, low noise, long service life.
2. Precautions for product selection
(1) This series of sieve machine is divided into single layer and double layer.
(2) the screen surface has woven and stainless steel seam two structural forms, should be noted when selecting the screen size.
(3) The rated voltage of the motor is 380V. Explosion-proof or different rated voltage motors can be used. Please indicate when ordering.
(4) can design and manufacture screen machine support and motor support or purchase motor for users, if selected, please indicate when ordering.
(5) Foundation bolts shall be provided by users.

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ZK series linear vibrating screen structure diagram


ZK series linear vibrating screen technical performance and parameters

model Zk2445 Zk2452 Zk2460 Zk3052 Zk3060 Zk3652 Zk3660
The layer number 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Area of m2 10.8 12.6 14.4 15.75 18 18.9 21.6
° inclination -5~5
Sieve size mm 0.25-13
structure To sew
Feed size MM ≤150
The production capacity is t/h 16-118 18-140 22-158 23-172 27-190 28-208 32-235
Vibration time mm 970
Double amplitude mm 7-11 7-11 7-11 7-11 7-11 7-11 7-11
Vibration direction Angle ° 40
Motor model Y180L-6 Y180L-6 Y180L-6 Y180L-6 Y200L-6 Y200L-6 Y200L-6
Kw power 2×15 2×15 2×15 2×15 2×22 2×22 2×22

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