RCD type hanging electromagnetic iron remover

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The RCDB series of electromagnetic iron removers is made from a highly efficient magnetic ring that generates a strong attraction,Environmental protection,Energy saving iron removal equipment.The heat dissipation mode of the excitation coil is natural cooling.Internal use of electrical special epoxy resin casting,It has the characteristics of dust proof, rain proof, corrosion resistance, low temperature rise, large permeability depth, large suction and so on.Stable and reliable in extremely harsh environment.
This series of products can be used with various types of belt conveyor, vibration conveyor, feeding pipe and other conveying equipment. It can remove the ferromagnetic material with the weight of 0.3~35Kg mixed in the non-magnetic material, and ensure the normal and safe operation of the next process equipment (grinding machine, crusher, etc.). The products have been widely used in cement, thermal power generation, mining, ceramics, non-metallic ore, metallurgy, chemical, glass, paper, building materials and other industries. It can run trouble-free for a long time in various harsh environments.

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RCD series hanging electromagnetic iron remover structure diagram


Main technical parameters

project To adapt to the bandwidthmm Rated lifting height HMM Magnetic field intensityP (mT) The thickness of the materialMm or less The excitation powerKw or less Adaptive belt speed ≤m/s Work system
RCDB-4 400 120 50 70 0.6 2.5 continuous
RCDB-5 500 150 60 100 1.0
RCDB-6 600/650 180 63 130 1.6
RCDB-6.5 650 200 70 150 2.0
RCDB-8 800 250 70 200 3.6
RCDB-10 1000 300 70 250 5.0
RCDB-12 1200 350 70 300 6.8
RCDB-14 1400 400 70 350 9.0
RCDB-16 1600 450 70 400 13
RCDB-18 1800 500 70 450 18
RCDB-20 2000 500 70 500 20

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