TH/HL type ring chain bucket crusher

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TH, HL type ring chain bucket elevator is suitable for vertical transmission grinding cut large powder, granular and small bulk materials, such as grain, coal, cement, crushed ore, etc., the highest conveying height of 40m, TH type bucket elevator advantages: simple structure, smooth operation. Harvest type charging, mixed or gravity discharge, rim combined sprocket, easy to change, through special processing chain long life, lower use spring automatic tensioning device, can keep constant tension and avoid skid or take off the chain, in the hopper blocked at the same time, has the certain let performance enough to effectively protect the moving parts, material temperature does not exceed 250 ℃. TH type according to JB3926-85 “vertical bucket elevator” standard manufacturing design, should be preferred. The hopper of HL type bucket lift machine adopts digging type charging and centrifugal unloading. HL type bucket lift machine running smoothly, can be used to transport high temperature powder, granular and small block without grinding cut, half grinding cut material.

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TH type bucket elevator structure diagram


TH, HL type bucket elevator main technical parameters

model HL300 HL400 TH315 TH400 TH500 TH630 TH800 TH1000
Hopper form Q S Q S Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh Zh Sh
Throughput m3 / h 24 28 45 47 35 60 60 94 75 118 114 185 146 235 235 365
Bucket mm wide 300 400 315 400 500 630 800 1000
Bucket volume L 4.4 5.2 10 10.5 3.75 6 5.9 9.5 9.3 15 14.6 23.6 23.3 37.5 37.6 58
The bucket from mm 512 512 512 512 688 688 920 920
Chain pitch mm 18X64 18X64 18X64 18X64 22X86 22X86 26X92 26X92
Sprocket pitch mm 630 630 630 710 800 900 1000 1250
Dou speed m/s 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.5 1.5 1.6 1.6

1. The bucket capacity in the table is the CALCULATED bucket capacity, and the conveying capacity is calculated according to the filling coefficient 0.6.

2.TH type hopper hopper use:
Zh - deep bucket: transport wet material, such as sugar, wet sand, etc.
Sh-- Deep bucket: conveying heavy powdery to small bulk materials, such as cement, sand, coal, etc.

3.HL type hopper hopper use:
Q-- Shallow round bottom hopper: conveying wet, easy to agglomerate, difficult to throw materials, such as wet sand, wet coal, etc.
S-- Deep round bottom hopper: conveying dry, loose, easy to throw materials, such as cement, coal, gravel, etc.

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