FU chain type fully enclosed construction

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FU series chain conveyor is conveying powder, granular material continuous conveying machinery new products, its performance is better than screw conveyor, buried scraper conveyor; Horizontal and inclined layout, it is an ideal new conveying equipment in metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, building materials, grain and feed processing and other industries. FU series chain conveyor is composed of head parts, middle slot body, tail parts, scraper conveyor chain, driving device, installation pillow beam. Fully enclosed mechanism, no material leakage during equipment operation; Conveyor chain using high quality roller chain, single chain layout form; The inlet and outlet of the equipment and the conveying length can be flexibly designed and arranged according to the technological requirements

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FU type chain conveyor structure diagram


Technical parameters

model FU200 FU270 FU350 FU410 FU500
Slot width (mm) 200 270 350 410 500
Conveying capacity (m3/h) 10-30 20-60 35-100 50-130 80-200
Chain speed (m/min) 10-30 10-30 12-30 12-30 12-30
Chain pitch (mm) 125 185 200 200 300
Conveying distance (m) 8-25 8-50 8-50 8-50 8-50
Conveying slope (°) ≤15
Motor power (KW) 2.2-7.5 3-15 4-22 4-30 5.5-45
Driving device installation form Left and right mounted, back mounted type
The transmission form Chain drive
Applicable particle size (mm) <5 <7 <9 <11 <25
Applicable humidity (%) ≤5
Applicable temperature (℃) ≤150

The optimal chain speed for sending raw and cooked cement raw materials and finished powder

material Raw material fine powder orCement products Clinker fine powder orCement products Raw material or clinker coarse powder return
Material temperature ℃ <60 60-120 <60 60-120
Optimum chain speed m/min 15-20 10-13.5 10-20 10
Maximum chain speed m/min 25 15 13.5 12

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