Roll crusher to ensure the safety of production should pay attention to matters

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Roll crusher in the use of the process will inevitably appear wear, such and such conditions, these conditions, do not worry, we have response measures, what measures can be dealt with? Here's a look:

In order to strengthen the technical management of roll crusher and ensure safe production, the following matters should be paid attention to:

1. Crusher installation and maintenance personnel must receive professional technical training, must protect personal safety and equipment safety, firmly establish the concept of safety, to ensure safety. The working time of precision crusher is prolonged, all working parts have a certain degree of wear, and the task needs to be executed when the working efficiency is low. The accuracy inspection cycle varies from case to case, but each manufacturer will come up with an overall plan.
2. The daily maintenance of hydraulic protection device and automatic control device is very important. The attention of regular maintenance of crusher should be closely coordinated with operation and maintenance, and full-time personnel should be on duty to check. First of all, in machine maintenance, bearings bear all the load of the machine, so lubrication has a great relationship with the life of bearings.
3. Precautions in the maintenance of the crusher directly affect the life and operation rate of the crusher, so the lubricating oil injected must be clean and sealed. The main injection components of the crusher are roller bearings, all gears and moving bearings. Newly installed tires are easy to loose and need to be checked frequently. Please pay attention to the normal operation of all parts of the machine and the wear degree of easily worn parts, and replace worn parts at any time.
4. The roller crusher is installed on the level concrete, and the soil foot is fixed with bolts. After installation, check whether the bolts of each component are loose and the main door is tightened. After checking, no-load debugging is carried out and debugging is normal. In short, the excellent performance of the roll crusher is based on careful daily maintenance and correct use, only do a good job of maintenance, in order to make the effect better.
6. An important part of maintenance is to confirm the adequacy of lubricating oil. When lubricating oil is insufficient, please refuel immediately. Long-term shortage of lubricating oil will seriously damage all major components of the crusher, directly affect the production of the machine, and seriously damage the shell of the crusher.
7. Notes for inspection and installation of eccentric bushing. If the eccentric bush is severely cracked or the inner hole spacing between the spindle and the eccentric bush is 0.5 times larger than the standard spacing at the time of assembly.
8. When checking the machine, the damaged parts must be checked and replaced immediately after reaching the wear resistance. Check fragile parts, reduce the wear of the crusher shell, effectively prolong the life of the crusher.
In the regular maintenance, first of all to confirm and test the cause of the problem when many customers use roller crusher, because they do not check the equipment for a long time, deal with small problems, until the problem becomes bigger and more serious, resulting in more trouble and loss. Therefore, the equipment of the roll crusher should be checked and tested regularly to ensure that the equipment of the roll crusher is normal before, during and after use. So to reduce the difficulty of post-processing, early detection of problems, timely processing.

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