Reciprocating feeder (reciprocating coal feeder) main features

The main characteristics of reciprocating feeder are as follows:
1. Safe and reliable operation and long service life;
2, light weight, small size, simple structure, adjustment, installation, maintenance, maintenance is more convenient;
3, the machine adopts a closed frame structure, which greatly improves the rigidity and robustness of the frame;
4, reciprocating feeder (reciprocating coal feeder) equipped with limited torque type hydraulic coupling, can start full load, overload protection;
5, feeding capacity up to 1200 tons/hour (coal), is the largest reciprocating feeder in China;
6, reciprocating feeder (reciprocating coal feeder) adopts advanced plane secondary envelope mule bar reducer design, large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency;
7, reciprocating feeder (reciprocating coal feeder) side lining plate, oblique lining plate and bottom plate between the joint is adjustable, can more accurately control the size of the joint, greatly reduce the leakage.
8, drive device symmetrical arrangement, and the use of double push rod, so that the whole machine balanced force, smooth transmission, eliminate the bottom plate reciprocating feeding operation torsion pendulum phenomenon.
9, the bottom plate has vertical reinforcement plate, and three pass long roller support, to ensure the bottom plate stiffness, eliminate the existing reciprocating feeder bottom plate work in the bending deformation of the maladies.
10. The lining plate is made of small wear-resisting steel plate, which is not only light and easy to replace, but also targeted to replace the worn lining plate according to the actual wear situation, so as to make reasonable use of materials and reduce maintenance costs.


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Post time: Jul-20-2022