Fault detection method for belt conveyor


Belt conveyor in the process of industrial production, fast and efficient transportation of materials to production has brought great convenience, especially for mining enterprises, ore transport is all completed by the belt conveyor, its normal production of enterprises has an important role. However, due to the heavy transport task or long continuous working time and other reasons, belt conveyor in the process of use, often appear some failures, affecting the production activities of enterprises, so it is necessary to study its fault detection methods. This can be found in time after the failure of the belt conveyor, as far as possible to reduce the loss caused by the failure of the belt conveyor.

1.The importance of fault detection of belt conveyor
Belt conveyor in the industrial production process, play the role of continuous transportation, its main components are belt, drive roller, roller and so on. The main transmission part is composed of a driving drum at the head and a reversing drum at the tail, and a belt, which connects the two drums to form a closed ring belt to achieve continuous transportation. Belt conveyor work is driven by the motor, rely on the friction between roller and belt rotation. When the belt conveyor is working, the belt is tight, so as to effectively avoid belt slipping. In addition, in the process of its work, there may be the problem of belt sag, which requires a plurality of groups of rollers to pull the belt to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. In the process of operation, there may be problems such as broken belt, overload and so on. If not dealt with in time, it will bring adverse effects and losses to the production of enterprises. Therefore, it is very necessary to study the fault detection system of belt conveyor and send out detection alarm to the problems through monitoring.

2.Belt conveyor common two kinds of failure
Belt deviation is the most common belt conveyor in the process of operation of a fault, for this kind of problem if not enough attention, can not be found and maintenance in time, light will make belt loss aggravation, serious will make the belt softening, burning and even cause a fire, so that the enterprise loss is huge. There are various reasons for the deviation of the belt, such as the deviation of the belt caused by installation. The installation quality of the equipment has a great influence on the deviation of the belt. If the error of installation is large, the deviation of the belt will lead to the most difficult to deal with. The main reason is that the joints of the conveyor belt are not straight during installation, so that the force on both sides of the belt is not uniform. The belt will run away to the side with the large tension in the process of equipment operation. In addition, the skew of the frame also makes the belt run off balance, and the deviation caused by this kind of situation is often more serious, and it is very difficult to find the problem to adjust after the completion of installation. In addition to installation problems, in the process of running the belt conveyor may also lead to belt deviation. Such as the roller, roller viscosity caused by the deviation. Generally speaking, belt machine in the transport of some materials, due to the mineral material has a certain viscosity, will make the roller and roller stick to some mineral powder, time will make its local radius becomes larger, resulting in the belt on both sides of the tension force changes, uneven on both sides, so that the belt to the tight side of the deviation. In addition, after the belt is installed and the equipment runs for a period of time, the belt will relax due to working stretching, resulting in permanent deformation and aging, and the tension force decreases, which will become more and more relaxed with the increase of working time, resulting in deviation. In addition, sometimes the equipment is installed and no load when the operation is normal, there is no deviation, but once the operation under heavy load is easy to occur deviation, this is because of the uneven distribution of ore material on the belt, if the ore material is biased to the left, then the belt will appear to the right deviation. Belt creep, broken belt, overload and coupling is disconnected belt conveyor in the process of conveying material often appear a fault, this kind of problems in the process of equipment operation will make the link of the whole production is affected, makes the production cannot be continued, resulting in lower production efficiency, brings to the enterprise production loss. The main reason for this kind of problem is that the output torque of the motor changes. Therefore, the operation of the belt conveyor should be monitored in real time during the operation of the equipment. When the belt or coupling strength is not enough, under the strong action of external forces will suddenly fracture, at this time, the output torque of the motor will drop rapidly, causing failure.
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