Difference between buried scraper conveyor and scraper conveyor

People who have just come into contact with the machinery industry must have questions about the names of many conveying machines. Some are not the same as the common names, and some don't understand them. For example, belt conveyor, also known as belt conveyor; screw conveyor, commonly known as "winch". A typical example: buried scraper conveyor and scraper conveyor are only one word apart. Is buried scraper conveyor the full name of scraper conveyor, or are there essential differences between them?

This is a question often asked by novices. To put it simply, the buried scraper conveyor is sealed, while the scraper conveyor is not.

The buried scraper conveyor is a kind of continuous conveying equipment which transports dust, small particles and small pieces of bulk materials in a closed rectangular section shell with the help of moving scraper chain. Because when conveying materials, the scraper chain is buried in the materials, so it is called "buried scraper conveyor".

In horizontal conveying, the material is pushed by the scraper chain in the moving direction, so that the material is squeezed, and internal friction is generated between the materials. Because the shell is closed, external friction is generated between the material and the shell and scraper chain. When the two friction forces are greater than the pushing force formed by the self weight of the material, the material is pushed forward or upward.

The buried scraper conveyor has simple structure, light weight, small volume, good sealing performance and convenient installation and maintenance. It can not only transport horizontally, but also incline and vertically. It can not only transport by single machine, but also arrange in combination and connect in series. It can feed and unload at multiple points. The process layout is flexible. Because the shell is closed, the working conditions can be significantly improved and environmental pollution can be prevented when transporting materials.

A conveyor for scraping and transporting bulk materials in an open trough by using a scraper fixed on the traction chain. The utility model is composed of an open material groove, a traction chain, a scraper, a head drive sprocket, a tail tension sprocket, etc. The traction chain turns over and the tail sprocket forms a closed loop. Materials can be transported by upper branch or lower branch, or by both upper and lower branches at the same time. The traction chain is multi-purpose ring chain. One traction chain can be used to connect with the middle of the scraper, or two traction chains can be used to connect with both ends of the scraper. The shape of scraper is trapezoid, rectangle or strip. There are two types of scraper conveyor: fixed type and displacement type.

Post time: Jul-20-2022