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In order to better provide customers with high quality service, further play to the high quality performance of equipment, our company for coal slag removal system to provide supporting power distribution, electrical control system. Electrical design, installation and commissioning can be completed independently according to customer requirements and process conditions.
Power distribution cabinet of coal loading and slag removal system:Our company provides complete sets of GGD-II type,GCK type, GCS type and double power supply switchgear and other types of power.
Electrical control cabinet of coal removal system: adopt industrial computer PLC, touch screen HMI, frequency conversion control and other advanced automation technology at home and abroad, complete local operation and remote centralized control of equipment, alarm fault prompt and provide DCS signal points to the central control system and other functions. Greatly meet the different needs of customers, the design is more humanized, greatly reduce the human labor intensity, improve the safety and reliability of equipment.

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Schematic diagram of electrical program control arrangement of coal transport system


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